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About the Brain
Discover more about how your brain works, describing the different parts of the brain and what they do. A clear and easy to understand resource.

What is a Brain Injury?
Understand the different types of brain injury, their effects and the medical definitions. The symptoms and effects of brain injury are also explored.

Learning to Live
This leaflet will help you understand how a brain injury might affect you and what you can do to help.

Your Rehabilitation
Learn how to get the most from your appointments and treatments with this easy to follow resource.

Cognition: Attention, Concentration and Memory
This resource explores how damage to different parts of your brain can affect your attention, concentration and memory.

Changes in Behavior, Mood & Personality
Learn more about how damage to certain parts of the brain can change your personality and behaviour and affect your mood too. 

Fatigue Management
One of the most common complaints associated with a brain injury, this resource will help you to manage your fatigue levels.

Coping with Brain Injury for Family & Friends
This leaflet is about how you can help in the recovery of a person who has sustained a brain injury, and how to look after yourself at the same time.

Alcohol & Drugs
Discover how the use of alcohol and drugs will affect you after sustaining a brain injury. 

Work & Study
This leaflet will help you start the process of returning to work or study, including what support services you may need, and what to expect while rehabilitating.